I am amazed by MineCraft

Posted: 15th February 2016 Marketing in E-commerce, Twitter
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Somewhat recently a your lady who I will refer to as CupCakePLAYZ and whom I know very well started her own website to show off Minecraft games. She has been playing Minecraft for about 2 years and decided to combine her love of gaming, specifically Minecraft, her love of talking, no problem narrating the game and her need to be somewhat creative, justify getting a laptop and ofcourse as all youngsters want to be these days is become a celebrity. So she combined all these to form CupCakePLayz a website and video channel dedicated to Minecraft videos around Mini Games and Mods.

But it doesn’t end there, she also got Ad sense going to start monetizing her videos and correctly told me how many views she thought she may get and how much money she might earn as she really wanted to buy an iPhone 6S. Good to have clear goals and objectives.

So what was her investment. She had bought Screen Flow to capture the game playing, registered the domain, created a WordPress site, with a little help from others with a upgraded theme for extra functionality, subscribed to monthly hosting and ofcourse there was the Minecraft desktop game purchase. She also purchased an image off Shutterstock for the background. All in all I would say around $200. I did tell her she could have used Weebly or similar for free but age v wisdom as they say. So other than her time which she has a lot of to create the content and set up the YouTube channel that was it. Analytics and Search Console were ofcourse free.

Am I impressed, absolutely. Did she do it all herself, no, she had some help from friends and family. Has she created a lot of videos. No there are some learning curves, like getting comfortable with your own voice and not turning off the computer while it is still uploading to YouTube.

Could she have done it cheaper, absolutely. Will it be a success. That is up to her and the biggest challenge is that of instant gratification or success now so common in young people. She has 3 videos up and cannot understand why she is not already famous and a millionaire. But she does have a platform, some understanding of costs and revenue and a fantastic opportunity, doing what she loves. Oh, and I did I mention an integrated Twitter account.

So what a fantastic opportunity presents itself to those starting out these days. Publishing platforms which can deliver your content to a global audience, ensuring the quality stuff filters to the top, not going unnoticed and not at the mercy of an agent or manager deciding what people should view, watch or listen too. So I salute you, the Internet and the opportunity you provide to those with an imagination who are prepared to get off their bums. Oh, and ofcourse a shout out to the Chief Cupcake and good luck. A little bit of promotion for a dear little person and her efforts to try something different.

New Durex Ads

Posted: 29th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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New Durex ad for the Discover Adult Toy Range, trying to make them an everyday part of your sex life. From a trusted brand every father with teenage daughters hates, now finding a place ion your bedroom. Interesting angle. You be the judge.

Keep the Heart Beating

Posted: 8th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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How could you not. The second biggest issue Australians are concerned about is the environment, global warming and above all whether corporations are genuinely trying to make a difference or just hitching a ride on the bandwagon. Kimberly Clark (KC) is one such organisation genuinely trying to make change and not just for the sake of PR, actually making environmentally sustainable decisions which in many cases are resulting in better business.

One current initiative is teaming up with WWF (World Wildlife Federation), not the wrestling bunch. WWF has done a solid job identifying commodities putting strain on the environment, prioritising these and trying to either support or put standards in place to make these more sustainable. KC has joined forces with WWF with a great initiative to “Keep the Heart of Borneo Beating”. In this specific area or Borneo, also known as the “lungs of the world” there are around 7,000 Orang-Utans who are under threat. This is around 12% of the worlds population of Orang-Utans. Dont forget they bear the closest resemblence to human DNA and we are moving them toward extinction.

Keep the Heart of Borneo Beating


While its a little this, KC have create a campaign site called Keep the Heart Beating which you can find here. While its a little thing, KC and WWF are trying to get more awareness via clicks and or sharing to show support for the jungles of Borneo, the Orang-Utans who have no voice other than us and the Love your Forrests program. No money required, the donations are already taken care of and KC is donating 10c from every pack of Kleenex Cottonelle  up to the 9th of June. The overall campaign runs for longer into September. This is

So do your small bit, its free and will only cost a click. Love your Forests.

Health4you launches in Australia

Posted: 13th January 2015 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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So we have a new health, fitness & wellness directory/ community/ way to connect with health providers or whatever you call these things these days. And yes, I know the owner and am throwing them a bone on launch, full disclosure.

But, if you look around there are not a lot of quality dedicated, directory type listing/ profile sites to help market in fragmented, small business and franchise spaces. Health is a no brainer given the growth in this sector so we now have Health4You live, a site dedicated to health, fitness and wellness providers, so active activities things like gyms and personal trainers, passive activities like day spas and massages and then of course the injury professionals to fix you up after doing all these things like Physios and Chiro’s. All in 1, easy to browse or search in your local area, i.e. the site has a massive focus on local with full integration of Google Maps.

Fitness, Health & Wellness Categories available on the site include:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Day Spas
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Gyms
  • Osteopaths
  • Pilates instructors and studios
  • Yoga instructors and classes
  • Podiatrists

To mention a few, and all available down to a suburb level. The site is brand new and has a couple of tweaks to be made but looks to be on the right track and a start. So if you are looking for personal trainers in Manly. Way to go, they have a page dedicated to that exact topic.

They do not have therapies, as you would find on the main site in this space Natural Therapies, but clearly could expand into that space in the future. Natural Therapies do have things like personal trainers. So watch this space.

They also have resources and articles, and I understand this will grow with articles around fitness devices like the Garmin, Tom Tom and Polar and also fitness accessories like spibelts, running shoes and Hydration belts etc.

Health4You is also taking material from personal trainers and its clear some have taken up the offer and we understand more is too come, so if you have good content and want to promote your health, fitness or wellness business, this might be a good place to share. Finally Health4You also has a vibrant Facebook and Twitter presence supporting the website, sharing motivational tips and healthy recipes.

Health4You.com.au is another site in the stable of ActiveActivities.com.au.

Resolution Media SEO Training

Posted: 11th November 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Resolution Media who used to be Bruce Clay until July last year are running SEO training in Sydney and Melbourne. As SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has gotten broader, so has the training and this training covers copy writing for the web and insights, conversion tactics and some social and local search. A lot in 1 day and is targeted at marketing managers and product managers as well as producers who need a better understanding of organic search to either manage their agency better or just improve their ROI from SEO.

The next courses from the good folk at Resolution Media are:

1 day SEO Training in Sydney – Thursday 20th November 2014

This training will be cosy and be held at the Resolution offices in Pyrmont. There are only a couple of spaces left so be quick. Price is $795. Class of 10 and includes tool set access.

1 day SEO Training in Melbourne – Tuesday 25th November 2014

This will be at the comfortable Stamford Hotel in the Melbourne CBD at 111 Little Collins Street. This course is for 20 people and there are around 5 spaces left.

Both courses include manuals, checklists, Toolset access and will form a good base for your digital marketing efforts, helping you to put an SEO lens across all your digital assets as well as give you a better understanding on how to measure success and ROI. There are discounts available for multiple attendees from the same organisation.

The trainers will be Jeremy Bolt or Kate Gamble, both have been training since 2009 and know the space well. This post was put up by request. Always happy to support the local industry.

SEO Training Melbourne - Resolution media

SEO Training Sydney - Resolution media


New niche aggregators

Posted: 6th September 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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Anyone notice the new aggregator niche directory sites growing in prevalence. So There is Yellow Pages, TruLocal which are the big guys, but cn you beat a niche directory focussed around a specific topic and servicing that target market. For example, can the Yellow Pages really look after your plumbing as well as your Kids Activity needs? Probably? Google seems t be battling. Part of their schema roll out was to try and address this.

Think about Carsales.com.au, great site, many filters. I can find a 2010 Toyota Yaris in pink within 10km of where I live with between 80 and 100,000 km travelled. Perfect, only 3 to see. Try searching for that on Google. Cant be done. So aggregators or fancy directories have a place and the recent “Pigeon” update seems to have proved this. Google just cannot focus on every niche and the big directories have to focus on priority niches. So welcome to the Super Local, and super niche directories.

Hello to the local directories like AroundYou, the kids activity directories like ActiveActivities and then the rising Health Directories like NaturalTherapyPages and the new kid on the block which has not yet launched being Health4You.com.au. Be interesting to watch the rise and/ or fall of these goign forward. Do we think there is a space for them? Absolutely. Will they make money and be sustainable? Depends on the execution, HIPages has just got significant investment so they must believe there is something there. Good luck to all of them.

So we see the new hybrid. A local niche directory, optimised for search, delivering quality, focussed local results.


The Happiest Man in Search

Posted: 19th June 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Yes folks, believe it or not there is such a thing. Search marketing and a happy man. We have found the happiest guy in SEM in Australia, in fact of all places in Melbourne. His name is Aaron and he is, well happy. When asked what makes him happy he replied that search is such a powerful form or pull marketing that actually works and gets results for his clients that he can only be happy. His clients are not only happy, but overjoyed and thus, he is the happiest man in search literally. The fact that its Friday tomorrow also helps.


Check out the one happy search guy

So, how did we find this gentlemen? It wasn’t easy let us tell you. We scoured the agencies high and low, literally looking for who was happy, who was sad and basically who didn’t give a rats. After much discussion, analysis, beer and rooting around, through no scientific formula or function at all, we found Aaron, the happiest man in search marketing in Australia.

Aaron lives in Melbourne, and despite that, he loves the outdoors, loves his family, loves his dogs Marin and Kenshoo and ofcourse loves his hamster Double Click. Aaron also had a parrot called Bing, but after some foul language popped out of Bing (we understand Aaron is still claiming he has no idea where this came from), he has since acquired a budgie called it Adwords. He is very happy with Adwords and says Adwords is much more fun than Bing but is quite expensive to maintain and train and definitely has less to say. Some days Aaron brings Adwords to work, but is finding Marin and Kenshoo are getting jealous and the other day tried to eat Double Click.

When asked what Aaron is into these days, he gave a wry smile and said “Landing Pages”, aren’t they great! We haven’t been able to find the group Landing Pages on iTunes but as the happiest man, we believe him. So raise your glasses, give the man a hand, crease a wicked smile and toast to the happiest guy in Search, in Marketing, in Australia. No, in fact just give the man a VB. Well done mate. We are happy for you and happy you are happy.

Any more happiness and we might need to make a workers comp claims. Just sayin!

Are you having a conversation?

Posted: 28th April 2014 Marketing in Digital Assets
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The number of times I hear a marketing person people talking about having conversations with brands on social media is incredible. People!

  • You cannot have a conversation with a brand
  • Only the people that work for the brand can, and they come and go
  • The Oxford English Dictionary defines a conversation as follows:
    • “A talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people,
      in which news and ideas are exchanged”
    • “Talk” by said dictionary is defined as spoken words
    • This it is impossible to have a “conversation” with a brand

Interesting SLIDES on this exact topic:

Toilet Training Time Again

Posted: 20th January 2014 Marketing in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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Yes folks, those friendly people at Kimberley Clark, the home of Huggies nappies have just released their new campaign around toilet training and not only that, there is a School of Toilet Training, who would have thunk. Seems more and more folk are actually looking for puppy toilet training, who knows what the similarities are. In any case, when your toddler gets to0 around 18 months old, whether girl or boy, guess what! They do not just get up and go to the loo, they need to be toilet trained.

Pull Ups is the product that can help parents, probably mums to be frank, toilet train their kids and ofcourse the right time is summer, when junior can mooch around in minimal clothing, making those little accident easier to mange.

The Pulls Ups folk have gone a step further with their digital campaign to actually build a school of toilet training for mums including reward charts, tools, processes and everything you would need to toilet train your little person, as well as a series of informative emails.

We went one step further and decided on what the curriculum should be for toilet training, if ofcourse you have actually realised that junior walking around clenching their buts or holding their groin area actually means they are ready. An no, they cannot stay in a nappy until they are 16, deal with it:

First semester:

  1. Thats not for flushing gold fish, its a toilet
  2. Sitting is best, standing is a test!
  3. 4 squares, not 400 heaven help us!
  4. If its yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down
  5. Dealing with disappointment
  6. Dealing with disappointment, again!
  7. Changing sheets in REM sleep 3
  8. Self help resources

Second Semester:

  1. You still here, you must be disappointed
  2. Rewards charts versus tearing your hair out
  3. Potty recycling
  4. Really useless Apps on Toilet Training
  5. Mother in law psychology – sucking them in
  6. Nappy rash in the teen years, I give up

Just kidding, you will be fine, no doubt if you follow the good folks at Pulls Ups tips and advice and if its time and you don’t know what you don’t know, enrol here at the School of Toilet Training, and remember who sent you, and also remember not to include your certificate on your resume. If you don’t have kids, sorry you cannot get the last 5 mins of your life back. Good campaign, well done!


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How many times you do you see significant dollars going to above the line media and some throw away funds put into digital and mostly display or paid search. Why because the mentality is that we should pay for media and ofcourse there is a large industry and infrastructure out there perpetuating this. Paid and above the line media is not wrong and is very much part of the marketing mix. But, getting this to work in tandem with digital assets is key and avoiding the mistake of campaign or disposable media is even more important.

How do you integrate digital to your campaigns. How do you leverage your online assets to support these campaigns. How do you value and use organic marketing means such as social media and SEO?