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Its that time of the year again, Ho Ho HO, which can be kind of creepy if you are not in a big red suit wearing a fake grey beard and even more weird if you are?cruising?around around in bad?neighbourhoods?on your own. Moving right along. So, it is Christmas time or Xmas as those on Twitter say, limited characters and all and time to support and look after those who have looked after you during the year, namely friends, family, loved ones and ofcourse your customers and the lines can blur with this.

So what to send. Something too personal and you may cross a line you should not. Something too generic and it adds no value. Decisions, decisions…

We have found health to be a bigger and bigger deal and while flowers are too personal, toys or other objects too broad and need to be customised by individual, fruit is often a good idea and something?different. ?After all you want to be remembered don’t you. This as is everything in business is about?getting?a return. Sorry to sound ruthless.

So how do you get your customers to remember you and note that you are special amongst the clutter of gifts and hampers they receive at Christmas time. Well, looking at messaging and how messages become memorable we might get some tips. Similar principles apply:

Corporate Christmas Gift Tips

  1. Keep it simple, a common theme e.g. fruit, wine, cheeses not many different things
  2. Be unexpected. Violate their expectations. While everyone is sending them bottles of wine, send them some underwear. (Just kidding).
  3. Try relate the gift back to an element or attribute of what your business does! Give a connection and make sure they get it
  4. Visually stimulating. Make everyone else in the office jealous. Make an entrance. Make it recognisable. Make them feel special.
  5. Be credible, send the gift from a quality provider, don’t let them think you have scrimped,?i.e. no name champagne. Its Verve, Moet or nothing! Right?
  6. Stir emotions, refer back to how long you have worked?together?or how much you enjoy working together. Make them shed a tear. Its Christmas after all.
  7. Check leave schedules. A perishable gift on their desk over the Summer Christmas closing period may not give the impression desired!!

Don’t s

  • Don’t go over the top, may make senior management nervous of the?relationship. Overseas trips are over the top no matter what you may think…
  • Careful of links. I send you a gym membership, am I implying you are fat? I send soap, am I implying you are?unhygienic? Think these through
  • Don’t play favourites if more than 1 gift goes to the same organisation!
  • You want to make sure firstly what you ordered is delivered, not a cover version and also that it will in fact get delivered before Christmas and in this case most likely before the 21st December

Think about the gifts you got last year. Can you remember one? Are some of them still rotting in your office? Take that as a guide. So get your PA to sit down, do his or her research and to find options which meet the criteria above and also are costed?effectively. Be clear on your order, get it in wiring and stick with your budget.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Well after all that advice we guessed you might want to?know?what we are sending out this year. Well I have to admit we sent these hampers out last year and got the most responses and thankyou’s we have ever received from any year. Many of our customers are female and being a part of Roses Only the brand recognition of the┬áHampersOnly Christmas Hampers is high and scores brownie points. They are not the cheapest, but we know what will be delivered is what we see on the site and that they will get delivered on time. Roses Only Customer service is also good. So this is not a paid advertisement as you may be suspecting, but rather some gift advice for those hunting around for corporate gifts this Christmas.

If it is champagne you want to send, if there is something to?celebrate?then while Hampersonly can do this, we have also used Dan Murphys?and they were pretty good and well priced. Finally sending fruit is also a great idea, also from RosesOnly, dare we mention them again. Sorry this is actually they Fruit Only site?which?looks pretty basic but is part of the family and comes branded etc.

So good luck. make your customers happy and above all make them remember and appreciate you. Oh, and have a Merry Christmas.





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