Keep the Heart Beating

Posted: 8th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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How could you not. The second biggest issue Australians are concerned about is the environment, global warming and above all whether corporations are genuinely trying to make a difference or just hitching a ride on the bandwagon. Kimberly Clark (KC) is one such organisation genuinely trying to make change and not just for the sake of PR, actually making environmentally sustainable decisions which in many cases are resulting in better business.

One current initiative is teaming up with WWF (World Wildlife Federation), not the wrestling bunch. WWF has done a solid job identifying commodities putting strain on the environment, prioritising these and trying to either support or put standards in place to make these more sustainable. KC has joined forces with WWF with a great initiative to “Keep the Heart of Borneo Beating”. In this specific area or Borneo, also known as the “lungs of the world” there are around 7,000 Orang-Utans who are under threat. This is around 12% of the worlds population of Orang-Utans. Dont forget they bear the closest resemblence to human DNA and we are moving them toward extinction.

Keep the Heart of Borneo Beating


While its a little this, KC have create a campaign site called Keep the Heart Beating which you can find here. While its a little thing, KC and WWF are trying to get more awareness via clicks and or sharing to show support for the jungles of Borneo, the Orang-Utans who have no voice other than us and the Love your Forrests program. No money required, the donations are already taken care of and KC is donating 10c from every pack of Kleenex Cottonelle  up to the 9th of June. The overall campaign runs for longer into September. This is

So do your small bit, its free and will only cost a click. Love your Forests.

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