Michael Hill 22 carat competition

Posted: 21st October 2010 ws in Campaigns
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Mccann youve done it again, oops that McCain, but Mccann are doing it again with an interesting new campaign for Michael Hill. A very social campaign, allowing couples to enter with certain information and win a 22 carat diamond ring.

Still trying to figure out what is in it for the bloke, other than being called” cuddlemuff” or “dumpling” at footy training for the rest of his life.

Our favs were “Honey & Muscles”, “Munchkin & Mousepoo”, not sure who is who but I think Mouseypoo had a rough time at Poker last night.

The winner we think should be “Opposites do attract”. I think he is definitely punching above his weight. Well done mate.

Anyway, for those of you who want to win the 22 carat diamond and share your pet names with the world, go to www.my22ct.com. Good luck. Interesting campaign and appears to be lots of interest and blokes prepared to give up their self esteem to keep the missus happy. Also seems to be very viral.

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