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Well, this is not our normal sort of post, but we did like the sound of this. An online real time booking service for restaurants in Australia. Apparently launched in May 2012 the company is called Dimmi and they also have an iPhone App launched in June which has a fancy augmented reality feature.  Just search for Dimmi Restaurants in iTunes. Don’t know if there is an Android App but if there isnt they migh want to think about one, as the new Samsung Galaxy III is pretty good, finally a decent Android device. But I digress.

So essentially the Dimmi Restaurants website has around 31,000 pages indexed also allows you to rate and review your favourite restaurants. Now for those of you who watch Google you would know that they have recently updated Places into Google + and have the Zagat ratings, so watch this space it will get interesting. They (Dimmi) also have yet another loyalty plan for reviews, nothing like a incentivised review, and apparently after 8,000 points you can get a $50 voucher, which is good if you’re eating at McDonalds but bad if you are eating at Tetsuya’s.

While initially we were sceptical we might have to eat our review because per the rewards page you get 1,000 points for a review. So if you do 80 restaurants you might get to eat alone at Tetsuya’s but hang on how would you have paid for the 80 reviews? Just kidding, this is not bad if you eat our regularly, better than a kick in the pants and certain better than Google pays which is zilch, zero, niks, nothing…

Also we understand they have some exclusive deals but what we really dug was the Australian Dining Index which we stole below, well not actually we just linked to it, so if you are from Dimmi, relax, you are still getting a link, don’t send us rude emails. This is a great info-graphic:


Dimmi Australian Dining Index


Surprise, surprise the ACT spends the most on meals, 34% in fact and I guess so would you if taxpayers were paying for your dinner. But interesting, most bookings in the ACT are for 2 people. What is going on there? No surprises we book 7 days ahead odd and Darlinghurst is the main place to eat. Very interesting, good effort, like it. Personally we think Newtown restaurants should have been the top spot, but hey we re not biased in anyway.

Good luck to Dimmi, sad to see a number of top restaurants battling with the economy so it may not be easy out there if you are in the restaurant or restaurant booking business, but this looks interesting and we think will be something to watch. Dimmi allows you to book on their website or on the restaurants website into a standard system and solves an issue that has been there for awhile, and also wraps a lot of stats and data for the restaurant into the service. You can see how it works here. If you were wondering if this was a fly by night, wonder no further, there are some serious players on the Board.

So watch Dimmi in the restuarant space, interesting solution and now we just have to remember not to call and get frustrated with answering machines but to book online and know the system will deliver us a table on the other end.


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