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Posted: 15th January 2013 Jeff in Campaigns
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Bupa has just released their new Sports Zone on Bupa.com.au in their Health & Wellness section of the website. The Sports Zone plays on their relationship with Cricket Australia and brings you interviews and information as well as tips from cricket coach, Mickey Arthur and Craig McDermott, former international fast bowler. If you are a cricket fan the sports portal will be an interesting place to visit. It is also about the support behind the team, the team that works behind the team so to speak to ensure tip top performance from training, eating, mental strength and supporting technology. Interesting watch and learn, well worth a visit.

There are also sections on Sports Technology and we have to say, we had no idea. We are sure there are many cricketing nations around the world who dream of using technology in this way.



The nutrition and psychology?are are also good. What makes the psychology area interesting is that many teams have similar levels of skills bit in many cases it is what’s in the head that makes the difference.



So Bupa Health Insurance is tying this campaign into “finding a healthier you” as well as their “Support” aspect so who is behind the cricket team? Well the support team covers their minds, bodies with nutrition and then fitness for endurance and each of these needs special skills. Likewise when you are trying to find a healthier you, go to a specialist, a support team who can help you on that journey. Make sense? Watch this space…

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