Ticketek new mobile platform

Posted: 23rd November 2012 Marketing in Campaigns
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When the new Pink concert was announced, and don’t we all love Pink, nearly 200,000 people visited the mobile site on that day to buy tickets. We knew Pink would be big, but not that big. Wow. We also knew mobile was or is going to be big but it is really coming into its own now. Cameron Hoy of Ticketek confirmed that they are seeing huge growth in this space. Mr Hoy also mentioned that Ticketek will be coming out with an iPhone App, lets hope it can handle the massive volumes going forward, but nevertheless this could be like a gold rush. Once I have the app that will be the go to place, why bother with Ticketmaster for example. First in, best dressed if you know what I mean. You can also see the press release here.

Well mobile is here, young people will buy tickets, the perfect match, Prepare your mobile online presence or be lost forever.



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