Valentines Day Gifts – Why you need one!

Posted: 8th February 2013 Marketing in Campaigns
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Its Valentines Day next week and all Australian males feel?their?wallets quiver and the pressure of expectations upon them. Not so much from their partners but from the barrage of retailers and other marketers all telling them that if they don’t step up?i.e.? spend money and buy their product, then they don’t love their Valentines. Pressure is on men and woman, the hype is real. So, to show her how much you love her, or prove how much you love her, perusing my inbox I have the?following?options, received in the last week:

  • Spoil them with a?magazine subscription. Not convinced.
  • Surprise them, only?if?they are special with champagne. Does this mean, get them drunk and get lucky?
  • Send flowers, lots of flowers, flowers, roses, flowers and more flowers.
  • Find that true love is actually a steak dinner. Works for me!
  • Set up a romantic date, either sailing, driving & dining, hot air ballooning or actually all the same old crap we sell the rest of the year but now they are all Valentines Day gifts. Do we do this on Valentines Day or like in 3 months time on a Saturday?
  • Affordable diamonds to say “I love you”. English clearly not an option to communicate on Valentines Day. No matter how cheap you are, you can afford it on Valentines Day. Oh hang on, that was a spam email.
  • To really show her you love her, buy her a tablet. mmm, yes indeed.

Actually Valentines Day is a fun way to send something anonymous to someone you have a crush on or secretly admire, which can be kinda weird if you are already married and the target of this admiration is not your spouse. Anyway, moving on, it is also a time to recognise the one you love and maybe have a little fun. So getting back to basics, what we recommend.

Our suggestions for V Day

  • Something personal. A handwritten card or letter, poems can be cheesy, but if the shoe fits. Share some feelings, won’t cost a lot and be appreciated
  • Go for a long walk along the beach, sundowners,?something?you would not normally do, outside, nice view. Plenty of places to do this. Just do something different and stop to smell the roses while you are doing it
  • Give all the special people in your life a hug, wives, husbands,?girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, siblings and kids. Make them feel that on Valentines Day they are?special and above all, hugs are generally free, well to most of us they are..
  • If you are traditional and want to go the extra mile, send some flowers. We have?always?liked Roses Only because of their quality, reliability and recognisable branding. But have to say they can be a tad expensive at times, but its worth it?rather?than going through a reseller and not knowing when or exactly what will be delivered. Take this from someone who has felt the pain. This is what I will be sending, and I know I?don’t?have to prove anything, its just kinda a tradition.

So Happy Valentines Day along with the other 25,000 people , blogs, websites, Facebook pages and emails all wishing you the same. Make wise choices and you can make a difference even if you keep your money in your packet. Actions speak louder than gifts.


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