Valentines Day – Roses are the answer?

Posted: 1st February 2012 ws in Campaigns
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Well its Feb and its Valentines Day, time to spend your hard earned dollars on the one you love. And if you doubted it, then there are plenty of ads on the radio, TV and online telling you that you are not in fact loved unless there is a lot of money spent on you, from a hot balloon ride sometime in the future to dinner and flowers.

Lets get back to basics. Valentines Day, or Saint Valentines Day of even shorted here in Australia to V Day is a day to remember your loved ones and generally send them flowers, chocolates or a card and in certain cases anonymously. You can find out more about Valentines Day history on the Wiki.

The traditional shapes or figures associated with Valentines day include a Heart, Cupid or Doves.

In reality anybody who is selling anything suddenly has a reason why it is the perfect gift for Valentines Day and that you are not expressing your love unless you buy that specific thing.

So we like Roses Only, they do Roses and if you are going send Valentines Day Flowers, they have a good mix and are reliabgle. Finally you get what you see, after having some bad experiences with other online flower shops.

Happy Valentines Day.


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