Mothers Day 2011

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Mothers Day is around the corner and Australis retailers are hoping Australian consumer hands will come out of their savings accounts and into the shops. As usual our retailers are doing a stirling job, but lets look online. Mothers Day shopping can begin.

Roses Only

Roses Only have a splash page to help with orders we assume and then a landing page of flowers, roses and hampers so you can decide on the right mothers day gift for mum. They also have a gift guide so you can check out the mum types, godmothers, working mums etc and see the suggested flowers obviously appropriate for you mum. Not sure of the science behind this but it looks like fun and shows some innovation on behalf of the Roses Only Team. From experience Roses Only delivers quality products just wish they would update their website. Flowers and lunch are clear winners for mothers day. Try to avoid Lingerie and vacuum cleaners, definitely dont have the same effect.

Auctioneers and Bid sites

Ebay, clearly is not in the Mothers Day spirit. Grays Online gets it, with a nice Mothers Day page helping you buy everything from a coffee machine, a dryer stand to steam cleaner or ofcourse you guessed it wine. Did a guy put this list together? Good on ya Greys for recognising Australian mums.


Missed the boat, or the boat has not left the harbour yet for has an awesome range of mothers day gifts, carefully thought out. BCL is on board but going for that Gumtree look, ugly but functional. Lots of suggestions for Mothers Day from bad back treatments through to hampers and so on. is by far the best for those of you without a clue. They can help with gifts by personality type, star mom or category. So if you have no idea what to buy mum, start here. You can also cut to the chase at which has one sole focus, mothers day gift ideas, but do have a link called Lingerie and although the link is broken this could be kind of weird.

Experience Sites

Red Balloon one of the leading experience websites is there for you on Mothers Day with a range of gifts selected for mum. Just not sure the Beer & BBQ course was what your mum may have had in mind. Adrenalin, that other experience website is obviously for real men with one little banner for mums day, unless you want to sent her off in a V8 Supercar or skydiving. But if hot air ballooning, surfing or jet boats are for your mum, Adrenalin is the place for you. Maybe mother-in-law is what you are thinking of these gifts…

Offline retailers

Huh? Westfield! This new hub of fashion and all things shopping has nothing on Mothers day. Takes a second glance and wipes eyes. Yes, nothing we could find. David Jones is on the ball though, from handbags to Cupcakes and aromatherapy, you can even shop online for mum here. Myer have a top 10 offline mums gift ideas sort of page with everything from Flip cameras to e book readers to scents. Not a bad effort but I think you have to visit the store.

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