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Are you having a conversation?

Posted: 28th April 2014 Marketing in Digital Assets
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The number of times I hear a marketing person people talking about having conversations with brands on social media is incredible. People! You cannot have a conversation with a brand Only the people that work for the brand can, and they come and go The Oxford English Dictionary defines a conversation as follows: “A talk, […]

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ActiveActivities, one of the largest providers of kids activities in Australia has now launched in New Zealand. ActiveActivities has been helping mums, dads, carers and grandparents find kids activities in their area as well as well as the giving the providers of these activities a platform to showcase what they do and where they are […]

Ad Agency Awards

Posted: 10th March 2013 Marketing in Digital Assets
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The ad agency of the year was announced at a very fancy dinner on 28th February 2013. Sorry, yes we are running a tad late but hey we have been servicing our clients not winning awards… The Monkeys got Adnews Agency of the year and a well deserved win. They were also the NSW and […]

Kids Activities

Posted: 15th February 2013 Marketing in Digital Assets, Internet Marketing
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This is an area where?competition?is growing and lots of mom and pop type sites rising from the ashes as they?always?do, some with a local play, some with a national play and a wide variety of capability, experience and quality. Ultimately the kids activity winner will be the site with the best user experience and the […]

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Just so you dont die wondering, the gripples page is updated. Doesn’t tell us what they are but there is more info. Interesting. Anyone worried or care? Lets see how this unfolds, not seeing too much other advertising at the moment. lets see what the week brings? The video we have to say are entertaining, […]

Hillarious Video

Posted: 29th June 2012 ws in Digital Assets
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Another national treasure, oh and good luck to all our fine athletes heading off to London…   VIDEO: ‘Prime Minister’ Gillard presents James Magnussen with luck…

Kids activities – new website

Posted: 28th November 2011 ws in Digital Assets
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In recent weeks we have seen the quiet launch of a new Kids Activities website. Apparently created by a frustrated Sydney mum, tired of the fragmented market in kids activities, from guitar lessons to cricket and rugby, from Manly to Bankstown and of course across Australia with the need to keep the kids entertained during […]

NineMSN Finance

Posted: 18th January 2011 ws in Digital Assets
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NineMSN has launched a finance site described as an online Toolbox to priovide business and finance news to All Australians in a simple way, as well as helping them better manage their fianances. Includes commentaries and tools from credit card selectors to property and suburb guides. Ahem, could you fix the suburb guide it isnt […]

V8 Skateboard

Posted: 1st December 2010 ws in Campaigns, Digital Assets
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While we are on the topic of intelligent things to do with a V8 supercar engine and a skateboard, why not put them together. Why wouldn’t you actually. Total sense. George Patterson and Y&R Brisbane put their thinking caps together and after god knows how many testosterone injections, fishing trips and welding lessons later decided […]

Bedwetting in New Zealand and Australia

Posted: 30th November 2010 ws in Digital Assets
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As a parent you are at some stage going to deal with bedwetting, so grin and bear it. Interesting to see what the folks over at Drynites have done with their new website on bedwetting. We assume a central database, but if you are looking for bedwetting information in New Zealand you can find all […]