Bedwetting in New Zealand and Australia

Posted: 30th November 2010 ws in Digital Assets
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As a parent you are at some stage going to deal with bedwetting, so grin and bear it. Interesting to see what the folks over at Drynites have done with their new website on bedwetting. We assume a central database, but if you are looking for bedwetting information in New Zealand you can find all the enuresis or bedwetting information and more on the Drynites website. But hang on, now I want bedwetting information in Australia and  Whoa, it is the same site. I head over to Google and they actually both rank in the top 10 in New Zealand and Australia for the respective sites.

So if you need bed wetting help for you little one, and you will the good folks at Drynites have an expert, articles, videos and lots of stuff to give you patience and guidance and trust me you might need it. Well done to a little site that is ranking with the big boys on a competitive term and well done on the site design, look and feel. Very practical and easy to use. I have digressed slightly here but I found it useful, as I have little ones this age.

Also interesting to note that a PDF from the WA Governent ranks #1 for bedwetting in Australia. A PDF I hear you say, yes indeed a PDF. Beating whole websites. Honourable mentions to BetterHealth Vic and for ranking well.

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