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Posted: 15th February 2013 Marketing in Digital Assets, Internet Marketing
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This is an area where?competition?is growing and lots of mom and pop type sites rising from the ashes as they?always?do, some with a local play, some with a national play and a wide variety of capability, experience and quality.

Ultimately the kids activity winner will be the site with the best user experience and the best and most relevant sites. We have?always?thought that these larger directories will not go away given they have the ability to tag records and allow the user to split these records in multiple?different?ways, much like a car sales website does. The challenge Google has is that it is trying to do this with multiple data sources, types and structures which is a tough gig. So while Google can go so far a good quality directory will take you further, allow you to slide and dice down to age, location, cost and maybe even ratings and reviews.


Having said that, do you start with a number of listings or go with nothing and let people populate them? The problem is a directory with few listings is not useful to users and thus they will not come, means the listers?don’t?want to pay or bother to list, and the directory dies a slow death with the users and?owners?losing?interest. Many have come and gone and some relics still lie around uncared for, just go search on “kids activities” and browse a few?search?pages deep.

Having said that, get this right, build an audience and no doubt in a couple of years this will be an area up for purchase, as Kidspot managed with News a couple of years back. 45 million reasons to get this right, so to speak.

Who is out there

If you exclude the large directories like Yellowpages, Trulocal and Sensis for example, seemed to have the largest number of listings and the largest reach with a national database of over 50,000 listings and a real focus on the user. Looking for something like Cairns, they have a good page which is relevant, include things like touch football through to music and dancing. Even for a place like Morawa in WA or Binalong Bay, Tasmania?they have some listings or some close by so you do not hit empty or useless pages.?Ultimately?an impressive site and useful Australia wide.?Larger brands which are doing it well are Kimberly Clark with their Huggies Kids Activities area, a slightly different focus here being on things you can do, rather than paid activities, such as Stroller Toner, who would have thunk it!

Everyone wants to get to mums, mums have children, children have activities, so we thing Active Activities is the one to watch and if this sector continues to grow will be the front runner for a sale to a larger organisation who can place ads on the site. remember where you heard it first. Kidspot, Huggies, AU Gov sites will not go away and continue to invest and play in this space,?but?obviously not be up for sale.

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