V8 Skateboard

Posted: 1st December 2010 ws in Campaigns, Digital Assets
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While we are on the topic of intelligent things to do with a V8 supercar engine and a skateboard, why not put them together. Why wouldn’t you actually. Total sense.

George Patterson and Y&R Brisbane put their thinking caps together and after god knows how many testosterone injections, fishing trips and welding lessons later decided that the only way to promote Tony Hawks appearance at the Telstra 500 race was on this skateboarding beast. Hawko took a sicko we think the day plans were discussed thus the campaign. We have no idea of the top speed, but given a super car can hit around 300 kmph without breaking a sweat this should be even faster.

The build is shown below:

No plans to take this to production an fuel consumption is a major issue. Other than that, its all good.

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