I am amazed by MineCraft

Posted: 15th February 2016 Marketing in E-commerce, Twitter
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Somewhat recently a your lady who I will refer to as CupCakePLAYZ and whom I know very well started her own website to show off Minecraft games. She has been playing Minecraft for about 2 years and decided to combine her love of gaming, specifically Minecraft, her love of talking, no problem narrating the game and her need to be somewhat creative, justify getting a laptop and ofcourse as all youngsters want to be these days is become a celebrity. So she combined all these to form CupCakePLayz a website and video channel dedicated to Minecraft videos around Mini Games and Mods.

But it doesn’t end there, she also got Ad sense going to start monetizing her videos and correctly told me how many views she thought she may get and how much money she might earn as she really wanted to buy an iPhone 6S. Good to have clear goals and objectives.

So what was her investment. She had bought Screen Flow to capture the game playing, registered the domain, created a WordPress site, with a little help from others with a upgraded theme for extra functionality, subscribed to monthly hosting and ofcourse there was the Minecraft desktop game purchase. She also purchased an image off Shutterstock for the background. All in all I would say around $200. I did tell her she could have used Weebly or similar for free but age v wisdom as they say. So other than her time which she has a lot of to create the content and set up the YouTube channel that was it. Analytics and Search Console were ofcourse free.

Am I impressed, absolutely. Did she do it all herself, no, she had some help from friends and family. Has she created a lot of videos. No there are some learning curves, like getting comfortable with your own voice and not turning off the computer while it is still uploading to YouTube.

Could she have done it cheaper, absolutely. Will it be a success. That is up to her and the biggest challenge is that of instant gratification or success now so common in young people. She has 3 videos up and cannot understand why she is not already famous and a millionaire. But she does have a platform, some understanding of costs and revenue and a fantastic opportunity, doing what she loves. Oh, and I did I mention an integrated Twitter account.

So what a fantastic opportunity presents itself to those starting out these days. Publishing platforms which can deliver your content to a global audience, ensuring the quality stuff filters to the top, not going unnoticed and not at the mercy of an agent or manager deciding what people should view, watch or listen too. So I salute you, the Internet and the opportunity you provide to those with an imagination who are prepared to get off their bums. Oh, and ofcourse a shout out to the Chief Cupcake and good luck. A little bit of promotion for a dear little person and her efforts to try something different.

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