Mothers Day Gift Guide

Posted: 2nd May 2010 ws in E-commerce
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Roses Only, that innovative online florist has set up for Mothers Day. No surprises here, but check out their Mothers Day Gift Guide here. I nearly cried and felt like ordering flowers immediately but aside from that an interesting way of classifying mums and helping you think about all the things your mother has done for you and continues to do for you. These guys rank well in search engines and have made their entire site about Mothers Day, well their homepage anyway.

The Mothers Day range includes the following flowers and gift basket range:

Mixed Roses & Lillie’s. Nothing best for your celebrity mum, champers and flowers. Young mums apparently like chocolate hampers and mothers in law, obviously if you need to suck up. Remember you wife will probably turn out like this one day, but no time for second thoughts, then you probably need the luxury hamper.  So basically all different mum types are catered for. Did we mention the best ones. Especially for your mum, to make Mothers Day memorable, Roses & Chandon to show you love her. See the pic below, how could she not feel special when getting one of these. And there is special mothers day stuff for Nana and your Godmother as well.

Roses Only Mothers Day Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers

And if you have a step mom and feel obliged to do this, try the tulips & roses flowers. Other than flowers you will probably take mum to lunch, the most done activity for Mothers Day in Australia. Don’t go for the cheap route, avoid the RS and treat her. If the budget is limited think about going for a picnic. You can get twice as much as you would from a lunch and have a lovely day out with mum and the kids if you have any.

Mothers Day is also an opportunity to allow interaction with the kids and cement family traditions and respect. From a marketing and a mum perspective, your mum is special, make her day special and enjoy Mothers Day 2010 in Australia.

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