The world is your oyster and its free

Posted: 24th February 2013 Marketing in Facebook
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Anybody can publish, and its easy. we were looking at all things fashion recently and blown away by the number of fashion bits and pieces around the traps.?Of course?social media supports fashion fantastically as you can tweet, share, like all the images you can find, not to mention Pinterest. So why bother.

Clearly you need an interest n fashion. Take for example the fashion8r?on Facebook, reasonably new and recently created. Also on Twitter?here and ofcourse Instagram. No website, but he or she did have the wisdom to register the domain, which goes through to the Facebook page for now anyway. MAybe shows some future intent there.

Fashion8r Fashion

Fashion8r Fashion

So what has this fashionable person done? Taken a hobby and started to share. No cost, just putting their stuff , or we think its their stuff out there. Not selling anything, no pressure, for the love of it. What if this feed, and we chose this one because it is brand new becomes really famous and gets millions of followers? (There is only about a 0.00001% chance of this, but hey, live the fashion dream a little). Maybe they can monetise? Well maybe but getting to an audience is key, so no doubt if these person become famous and followed their dream, stayed pure and produced excellent content, a fashion house or a even Fashion Week would see value here and try to get this person to help reach their audience. Of maybe it is one of the above trying a new strategy?

Lesson 1 -You become a channel

To have value, you need to build an audience, this?takes?time, effort and?commitment, but you essentially own a channel to market and some?influence?to go along with that?

Lesson 2 – Do not abuse your audience!

So you have committed followers, who want more. You are not a threat,?they?share your values and style and?love?what you share. You?haven’t?tried to sell them anything or abuse the relationship. There is trust. So far so good. Just?don’t?abuse the trust. Reputations can take a lifetime to build and a couple of seconds to?destroy. We see this every day in the paper.

Lesson 3- Don’t panic

So from little things, big things grow. From a few followers and a hobby or a passion, potentially a large following grows. You stick with it and then insecurity comes in when you say to yourself “Why are they following me” I don’t know that much,?I’m?just a ….?” Well my dear that is the beauty of the Internet and one day we hope you will show who you are and let the world appreciate your efforts, cause we think you have style.

Never give up

Follow your dreams, cheesy we know but think and?believe?that?quality?and good products win every day. There are a million fashion outlets, bloggers, designers, shows?etc.?out there. Start with a small audience, given them what they love and if you have fun, so will they. Enjoy and be confident. You deliver the goods, you will do well.

So Fashion8r, glad we could use you as an example, but let us know they your YouTube channel, Pinterest and Google Plus are live and why not set up a Tumbler page as well. Go for it and good luck. And remember where you read about the fashion8r first!



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