Beware the Cloud

Posted: 23rd June 2013 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Edward Snowden has come forward to expose the surveillance of the NSA, and when you read the article, if you believe it, he seems like a smart, principled individual who is trying to do the right thing. If what he says is true, this is also potentially the end of cloud computing as we know it.

Maybe Google was hip to this and in protest starting encrypting searches. After all the Patriot Act in the USA forbids a provider to tell you data has been requested about you. These are called “sneak and peak” warrants. Why bother though if the NSA intercepts all communications anyway? Google announced this change in October 2011 that all searches would be secure. And we thought they were making things harder for SEO peoples. If I understand this correctly, the NSA can request and see your data from a provider such as Google or Yahoo and they are not able to tell you and there is no search warrant required.

The NSA is also building a US$2 billion data centre to be called the Utah Data Centre?which is described as a near bottomless data centre and supposedly capture all transactions, emails, communications etc etc.

So everyone is saying, lets go to the cloud, access via the Internet. Give all your gadgets an IP address and access them via the Internet.

Well if your corporate records are sensitive and are being stored and transacted with via the net, they could also theoretically could end up in this database and be perused as the NSA sees fit. If however you stay old school and keep your servers in the corner of your office, the NSA so to speak would need a search warrant to access them. Not saying you would have anything bad on your servers, but which scenario is preferred in a large corporate who wants to keep their data and information under wraps. Likewise using services such as Gmail, Google docs, Google Analytics, Yahoomail, etc etc are all most likely being collected and stored.

So think about it. Are you ready for the cloud? Do you encrypt your data/ emails? Maybe you should start if this worries you!





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