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So the good folks at Kimberly Clark are at it again. Now that we know what Gripples are, you can read more below, the next on the list is FOMO.  Heard of it? Although FOMO is not really a secret it is a new concept and seen as my teenage daughter used the word with me pretending to know what it meant, I  thought it might be good to understand more.


According to UbyKotex, FOMO stands for “Fear of missing out”. Fair enough, I can relate to that, fear of missing out on gossip in the office, fear of missing out on freebie hand outs in Martin Place, fear of missing out on an important email, hopefully giving me a raise… Anyway, reading further in the FOMO moments section on UbyKotex I discovered NO, this is far more serious and a matter of life and death. You might actually miss a party or god forbid a Facebook update. These things are important when you are a teenager or in your early twenties. I guess there is not much else to miss out on, when you get older you go to jail for missing out the important things like mortgage payments or the traffic officer waving you down on the side of the road. In fact we think as you get older FOMO works the other way, you have a fear of remaining involved or getting sucked in, when actually you want to be home in front of the TV  playing the Xbox or watching movies.

Nevertheless lets not harp on the about the good old days, the digital age and being “always on” has driven FOMO and it is nevertheless an interesting and unfolding campaign driven by the website and social media. The trick we guess is whether teen girls, I assume will start using this in their everyday speak, texts and vernacular. Not sure how this ultimately relates to tampons and liners but Im sure they have a plan to link these at some stage.

Official Definition

According to the Wiki, the source of all human knowledge, FOMO is officially and it must be right if it is on the WIKI, a fear of having to choose between social situations and the fear and anxiety of being unable to attend one. Oh the problems of the first world? Maybe I’m just not being invited to enough social functions to have this problem. Note to self, “Get out more” Actually before you get too paranoid, according the the Wiki again, the source of all human knowledge, FOMO is apparently a genetic disorder and if one of you has it, your whole family has it. Well not mine, no one really gives a shit most of the time. I digress.

Finally FOMO

Actually I think we may have had slight FOMO with respect to the Gripples campaign. Just saying…

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