The Happiest Man in Search

Posted: 19th June 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Yes folks, believe it or not there is such a thing. Search marketing and a happy man. We have found the happiest guy in SEM in Australia, in fact of all places in Melbourne. His name is Aaron and he is, well happy. When asked what makes him happy he replied that search is such a powerful form or pull marketing that actually works and gets results for his clients that he can only be happy. His clients are not only happy, but overjoyed and thus, he is the happiest man in search literally. The fact that its Friday tomorrow also helps.


Check out the one happy search guy

So, how did we find this gentlemen? It wasn’t easy let us tell you. We scoured the agencies high and low, literally looking for who was happy, who was sad and basically who didn’t give a rats. After much discussion, analysis, beer and rooting around,¬†through no scientific formula or function at all, we found Aaron, the happiest man in search marketing in Australia.

Aaron lives in Melbourne, and despite that, he loves the outdoors, loves his family, loves his dogs Marin and Kenshoo and ofcourse loves his hamster Double Click. Aaron also had a parrot called Bing, but after some foul language popped out of Bing (we understand Aaron is still claiming he has no idea where this came from), he has since acquired a budgie called it Adwords. He is very happy with Adwords and says Adwords is much more fun than Bing but is quite expensive to maintain and train and definitely has less to say. Some days Aaron brings Adwords to work, but is finding Marin and Kenshoo are getting jealous and the other day tried to eat Double Click.

When asked what Aaron is into these days, he gave a wry smile and said “Landing Pages”, aren’t they great! We haven’t been able to find the group Landing Pages on iTunes but as the happiest man, we believe him. So raise your glasses, give the man a hand, crease a wicked smile and toast to the happiest guy in Search, in Marketing, in Australia. No, in fact just give the man a VB. Well done mate. We are happy for you and happy you are happy.

Any more happiness and we might need to make a workers comp claims. Just sayin!

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