Health4you launches in Australia

Posted: 13th January 2015 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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So we have a new health, fitness & wellness directory/ community/ way to connect with health providers or whatever you call these things these days. And yes, I know the owner and am throwing them a bone on launch, full disclosure.

But, if you look around there are not a lot of quality dedicated, directory type listing/ profile sites to help market in fragmented, small business and franchise spaces. Health is a no brainer given the growth in this sector so we now have Health4You live, a site dedicated to health, fitness and wellness providers, so active activities things like gyms and personal trainers, passive activities like day spas and massages and then of course the injury professionals to fix you up after doing all these things like Physios and Chiro’s. All in 1, easy to browse or search in your local area, i.e. the site has a massive focus on local with full integration of Google Maps.

Fitness, Health & Wellness Categories available on the site include:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Day Spas
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Gyms
  • Osteopaths
  • Pilates instructors and studios
  • Yoga instructors and classes
  • Podiatrists

To mention a few, and all available down to a suburb level. The site is brand new and has a couple of tweaks to be made but looks to be on the right track and a start. So if you are looking for personal trainers in Manly. Way to go, they have a page dedicated to that exact topic.

They do not have therapies, as you would find on the main site in this space Natural Therapies, but clearly could expand into that space in the future. Natural Therapies do have things like personal trainers. So watch this space.

They also have resources and articles, and I understand this will grow with articles around fitness devices like the Garmin, Tom Tom and Polar and also fitness accessories like spibelts, running shoes and Hydration belts etc.

Health4You is also taking material from personal trainers and its clear some have taken up the offer and we understand more is too come, so if you have good content and want to promote your health, fitness or wellness business, this might be a good place to share. Finally Health4You also has a vibrant Facebook and Twitter presence supporting the website, sharing motivational tips and healthy recipes. is another site in the stable of

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