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The new Kleenex mums website is now live, a site sharing the collective wisdom or so they claim of Australian Mums. Interesting social take on engaging mums with some SEO and other smart tactics thrown in. We know mummy bloggers have been going from strength to strength, lets see how they like the new Kleenexmums site. The site is also engaging Twitter and Facebook. blurring the lines between on-site and popular social networks with the target market.

You can check out mummy time, family time of even meal ideas with interesting articles sharing excellent tips and information.

We know a lot of mums are on Facebook, sharing information, thoughts, events, family photos. This will be interesting to see how they engage on-site, a place where they can get good information, support and advice. Mums also make up a broad demographic from working mums to professionals to stay at home or even work from home mums. There are also a number of women in business sites such as The Ruby Connection run by Westpac, so Kleenex mums definitely isn’t the first to target women, but is never the less very interesting. The SuperWomen Group targeting women for financial services apparently is not in such fine health, as reported in the SMH on Friday.

Mums are highly influential in the buying process across the whole family, thus positioning a brand offering help and “me time” may get right into the target zone.

To find out more, go visit Kleenex Mums for yourself at Well done to the team behind this, will be interesting to watch.

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