MBF has joined BUPA

Posted: 31st October 2011 ws in E-commerce, Internet Marketing
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The retail brands of MBF, HBA and Mutual Community have all joined with Bupa. Bupa is a global healthcare provider that reinvests profits into member benefits. MBF, an icon of the Australian Health Insurance sector and around for over 60 years is now no more. Well not actually. There is what appears to be a placeholder page at www.mbf.com.au but nothing else and trying to find anything leads you directly to Bupa or the most relevant Bupa page. Likewise with HBA and Mutual Community. So looks like from now 1 brand and 1 site to service all the old retail brands members and from the Bupa site this is around 3 million in Australia. Not a bad market share. No doubt, a lot of bargaining power in the health and related industries going forward.

The Change

Looks like going forward all things MBF, HBA and Mututal Community will now be provided by Bupa health insurance from claims and quotes through to life insurance, car insurance etc. Hope the Movie Tickets and discounts continue. Given that Bupa reinvests profits this does indeed look attractive. Bupa is claiming no change to cover levels and more benefits as well as online tools and apps around things like health assessments.

Good luck on what seems like a seamless transition. We guess there will be a lot of rebranding, changed signage and other work going on behind the scenes, lots of busy feet pedaling under what seems like a calm transition.


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