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Posted: 11th March 2013 Marketing in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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Bupa has recently launched their new Bupa Blog?and there are all sorts of interesting things going on over there from info graphics to competitions and more. Bupa certainly seems to have found the digital band wagon and is doing a great job in leaving their competitors behind.

Health Blog Awards 2103

Health Blog Awards

In trying to find a Healthier you, Bupa also wants to find the best health related blog. You heard right. The winner will get $5000 if you win and the 6 runner ups with get Retina Apple iPads and get their blog highlighted. Sounds excellent, what could go wrong?

All you have to do is name the blog, provide a link, tell Bupa why its so great and then wait. Great idea. Health is a growing industry and the weight loss industry and personal trainer?industry?are growing at a rapid rate. The feel of skinny is starting to look increasingly more attractive than the taste of fat. Hang on, fats on bad for you, its sugar! But that is another blog post entirely.

There are around 1,4m pages in Google’s search results for “health blog” and around 293, 000 pages with the words “health blog” in the title, so a fair number of potential entries out there. Health you say? Well the official definition of the word health is ” The state of being free from illness or injury? or a persons mental of physical condition. So lets check out the lie of the land and where better to start than with Google, that crafty old search engine.

Individuals and Blogs

If you look at who is popular for the term health blog. Top searches around individuals with health blogs include:

  1. Miranda Kerr – Kora organics blog
  2. Teresa Palmer – Celebrity Foodie
  3. Phoebe Tonkin – Celebrity Foodie

Interesting thing is none of them have their own blogs, or ones we could easily find, the second 2 were on the Wellness Warrior. Must be some recent articles or profiling around these individuals.

Top Ranking Blogs

When you look at the top 30 ranking health blogs for the term “health blog” in the broader sense and face it, no one goes past page 3, we find the following:

  • Heath, healthy living and wellness – 33%
  • Health news, medical conditions and advice – 21%
  • Weight loss – 12%
  • List of blogs – 12%
  • Fitness – 3%
  • Parenting – 3%
  • Mental health – 3%
  • Health related articles – 4% (Rounding)
  • Health related forum – 3%
  • Other, non health related – 6%

Health Blog List

The Bupa competitions inspired us to not only add our favourite Australian health blogs, but also to see who was doing what and where. We have created our own top 20 Australian Health blogs based on design, freshness, number of posts and topic. Take it from whence it comes but we found interesting and unique content?useful?to our health goals in general on these blogs:

  4. – Not Australian, but an awesome blog
  8. (Blog aggregator)

There are some excellent health blogs here and we recommend checking out each one, diverse and interesting with great recipes and tips on all things health and wellness. You can enter the Bupa?health blogger competition here.


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