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Posted: 6th September 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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Anyone notice the new aggregator niche directory sites growing in prevalence. So There is Yellow Pages, TruLocal which are the big guys, but cn you beat a niche directory focussed around a specific topic and servicing that target market. For example, can the Yellow Pages really look after your plumbing as well as your Kids Activity needs? Probably? Google seems t be battling. Part of their schema roll out was to try and address this.

Think about, great site, many filters. I can find a 2010 Toyota Yaris in pink within 10km of where I live with between 80 and 100,000 km travelled. Perfect, only 3 to see. Try searching for that on Google. Cant be done. So aggregators or fancy directories have a place and the recent “Pigeon” update seems to have proved this. Google just cannot focus on every niche and the big directories have to focus on priority niches. So welcome to the Super Local, and super niche directories.

Hello to the local directories like AroundYou, the kids activity directories like ActiveActivities and then the rising Health Directories like NaturalTherapyPages and the new kid on the block which has not yet launched being Be interesting to watch the rise and/ or fall of these goign forward. Do we think there is a space for them? Absolutely. Will they make money and be sustainable? Depends on the execution, HIPages has just got significant investment so they must believe there is something there. Good luck to all of them.

So we see the new hybrid. A local niche directory, optimised for search, delivering quality, focussed local results.


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