Toilet Training Time Again

Posted: 20th January 2014 Marketing in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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Yes folks, those friendly people at Kimberley Clark, the home of Huggies nappies have just released their new campaign around toilet training and not only that, there is a School of Toilet Training, who would have thunk. Seems more and more folk are actually looking for puppy toilet training, who knows what the similarities are. In any case, when your toddler gets to0 around 18 months old, whether girl or boy, guess what! They do not just get up and go to the loo, they need to be toilet trained.

Pull Ups is the product that can help parents, probably mums to be frank, toilet train their kids and ofcourse the right time is summer, when junior can mooch around in minimal clothing, making those little accident easier to mange.

The Pulls Ups folk have gone a step further with their digital campaign to actually build a school of toilet training for mums including reward charts, tools, processes and everything you would need to toilet train your little person, as well as a series of informative emails.

We went one step further and decided on what the curriculum should be for toilet training, if ofcourse you have actually realised that junior walking around clenching their buts or holding their groin area actually means they are ready. An no, they cannot stay in a nappy until they are 16, deal with it:

First semester:

  1. Thats not for flushing gold fish, its a toilet
  2. Sitting is best, standing is a test!
  3. 4 squares, not 400 heaven help us!
  4. If its yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down
  5. Dealing with disappointment
  6. Dealing with disappointment, again!
  7. Changing sheets in REM sleep 3
  8. Self help resources

Second Semester:

  1. You still here, you must be disappointed
  2. Rewards charts versus tearing your hair out
  3. Potty recycling
  4. Really useless Apps on Toilet Training
  5. Mother in law psychology – sucking them in
  6. Nappy rash in the teen years, I give up

Just kidding, you will be fine, no doubt if you follow the good folks at Pulls Ups tips and advice and if its time and you don’t know what you don’t know, enrol here at the School of Toilet Training, and remember who sent you, and also remember not to include your certificate on your resume. If you don’t have kids, sorry you cannot get the last 5 mins of your life back. Good campaign, well done!


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