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Posted: 3rd December 2010 ws in Internet Marketing
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Female, running a large or small business? Westpac has a site called The Ruby Connection which is, well all about women in business. This is a well kept secret for those of you who haven’t found it yet and has great support for Australian business women. What else could we expect from the bank with one of Australia’s leading female CEO’s Gail Kelly.

One key thing we found very useful on The Ruby Connection was the information on networking events and other meetings for people of similar minds. You can find out more about business women networking events here.

The site also has numerous articles and posts from some of Australia’s leading business women and consultants including the likes of Sue Lloyd-WIlliams and  Julia Bickerstaff.

Some of the articles worth a mention are Finding Hidden Value in your Client Base, and if you are into business networking then networking tips is a must. If this is all too much talk about business then there are some lifestyle articles too, and you may need to read Tips to Juggle Work Life Balance.

Keep up the Good work, great resource for business women in Australia and from what I can see a well kept secret. Ahh, now can you do something about my mortgage rate please.

You can also follow The Ruby Connection on Twitter at http://twitter.com/rubyconnection

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