Nissan Smart Watch

Posted: 28th September 2013 Marketing in Social Media
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So move over Samsung, Apple and Pebble, Nissan has announced their smart watch. Who would have thunk? The watch can connect to social networks, your car and measure biometric data. Really?

So my question is, What happens if you don’t drive a Nissan? Would you buy a Nissan to get the smart watch. Big call.




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ActiveActivities, one of the largest providers of kids activities in Australia has now launched in New Zealand. ActiveActivities has been helping mums, dads, carers and grandparents find kids activities in their area as well as well as the giving the providers of these activities a platform to showcase what they do and where they are located using integrated Google Maps functionality. From dance and ballet through to soccer and sports events you can everything to keep your kids busy, and healthy!

ActiveActivities New Zealand can be found here and includes over 7,000 profiles of providers and companies in New Zealand. Listings are free and provide a lot of functionality to help small businesses enhance their online presence and market their business. Providers can also buy featured listings to avoid ads and sharing their listing pages with other providers. The site is also mobile friendly and has significant user experience and SEO investments.

Some other useful links for all you kiwis and your kids:

Wellington –

Auckland –

Parties NZ –

Health & Fitness –

and to get really arbitrary, if you were seeking Calisthenic clubs in Monaco in the Nelson region then this is your sport:

Excellent; Enjoy.

Beware the Cloud

Posted: 23rd June 2013 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Edward Snowden has come forward to expose the surveillance of the NSA, and when you read the article, if you believe it, he seems like a smart, principled individual who is trying to do the right thing. If what he says is true, this is also potentially the end of cloud computing as we know it.

Maybe Google was hip to this and in protest starting encrypting searches. After all the Patriot Act in the USA forbids a provider to tell you data has been requested about you. These are called “sneak and peak” warrants. Why bother though if the NSA intercepts all communications anyway? Google announced this change in October 2011 that all searches would be secure. And we thought they were making things harder for SEO peoples. If I understand this correctly, the NSA can request and see your data from a provider such as Google or Yahoo and they are not able to tell you and there is no search warrant required.

The NSA is also building a US$2 billion data centre to be called the Utah Data Centre?which is described as a near bottomless data centre and supposedly capture all transactions, emails, communications etc etc.

So everyone is saying, lets go to the cloud, access via the Internet. Give all your gadgets an IP address and access them via the Internet.

Well if your corporate records are sensitive and are being stored and transacted with via the net, they could also theoretically could end up in this database and be perused as the NSA sees fit. If however you stay old school and keep your servers in the corner of your office, the NSA so to speak would need a search warrant to access them. Not saying you would have anything bad on your servers, but which scenario is preferred in a large corporate who wants to keep their data and information under wraps. Likewise using services such as Gmail, Google docs, Google Analytics, Yahoomail, etc etc are all most likely being collected and stored.

So think about it. Are you ready for the cloud? Do you encrypt your data/ emails? Maybe you should start if this worries you!





Testing Cosmetics on Animals

Posted: 6th May 2013 Marketing in Research
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Testing cosmetics on animals is not cool!. Well done Choice for raising this issue of animal testing.

According to the Choice article and their spokes lady on 2GB today, animal testing of cosmetics is alive and well and mandatory or a legal requirement in China. Many brands selling cosmetics into Australia also sell into the growing and obviously lucrative Chinese market and thus must do animal testing to comply! Skin and eye irritation tests are the main, and these are done on animals and referred to as safety testing. Having said all that, what this means is applying the product to eye or bare skin and assessing damage or irritation.

What many of the companies seem to do is say “we do not animal test, unless required by law”, or something similar.

One one?hand?I would rather a product be tested on an animal before harming a child, but then according to the article there are other ways, which are even more effective ways of testing than using animals. So it really comes down to, do you want to be in the Chinese market and what price profits and revenue growth??(Some organisations it seems have made a choice not to enter the Chinese market as a result). Profits go back to corporate shareholders via dividends, who then no doubt use the cash in many cases to buy, you guessed it cosmetics, which they may then be wearing as they join protest marches.

All very messy and?I’m?sure a lot of unhappy cosmetic companies today as a result. If it brings an end to testing cosmetics on animals, then again, well done Choice….



SMX Sydney 2013

Posted: 30th March 2013 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Yes, that time of the year when the search geeks go our snorting in force. SMX in Sydney from 3rd – 4th April in the Sydney CBD at the Hilton Hotel, a lovely venue. Good blend of international and local speakers including Marty Weintraub of Aimclear and Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz and ofcourse Jeremy Bolt from Bruce Clay as well as guys like Chris Cogentis, Mark Vozzo and Mike Motherwell, all well known and been around the search traps for awhile.

Lots to hear and see about SEO and PPC and as we call it SEM in Australia as well as the sponsors who will have booths and no doubt be showcasing their tools, methodologies and new smarts.

Should be good. Anyone can attend, to get into the talks you have to pay, fair enough.

More info on SMX Sydney here.

Huggies – Hugs for Healing

Posted: 25th March 2013 Marketing in Campaigns
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Huggies has released their Hugs for Healing campaign today and donated $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Australia which represents 5 of Australia’s major children’s hospitals.

Well done, a great cause and ofcourse very close to the pregnancy and baby focus?of

The donation will go toward funding medical equipment to sick babies and toddlers. Over 1,2m sick babies or toddlers are admitted to Hospitals every year.

The really cool thing about this campaign is that you can release a balloon on the Huggies website. Click to release a balloon and show your support. Just like a real one, kind of. This is also not a direct call for donations.

Well done Huggies another great imitative from a great brand.




New Bupa Blog and Blog Awards

Posted: 11th March 2013 Marketing in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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Bupa has recently launched their new Bupa Blog?and there are all sorts of interesting things going on over there from info graphics to competitions and more. Bupa certainly seems to have found the digital band wagon and is doing a great job in leaving their competitors behind.

Health Blog Awards 2103

Health Blog Awards

In trying to find a Healthier you, Bupa also wants to find the best health related blog. You heard right. The winner will get $5000 if you win and the 6 runner ups with get Retina Apple iPads and get their blog highlighted. Sounds excellent, what could go wrong?

All you have to do is name the blog, provide a link, tell Bupa why its so great and then wait. Great idea. Health is a growing industry and the weight loss industry and personal trainer?industry?are growing at a rapid rate. The feel of skinny is starting to look increasingly more attractive than the taste of fat. Hang on, fats on bad for you, its sugar! But that is another blog post entirely.

There are around 1,4m pages in Google’s search results for “health blog” and around 293, 000 pages with the words “health blog” in the title, so a fair number of potential entries out there. Health you say? Well the official definition of the word health is ” The state of being free from illness or injury? or a persons mental of physical condition. So lets check out the lie of the land and where better to start than with Google, that crafty old search engine.

Individuals and Blogs

If you look at who is popular for the term health blog. Top searches around individuals with health blogs include:

  1. Miranda Kerr – Kora organics blog
  2. Teresa Palmer – Celebrity Foodie
  3. Phoebe Tonkin – Celebrity Foodie

Interesting thing is none of them have their own blogs, or ones we could easily find, the second 2 were on the Wellness Warrior. Must be some recent articles or profiling around these individuals.

Top Ranking Blogs

When you look at the top 30 ranking health blogs for the term “health blog” in the broader sense and face it, no one goes past page 3, we find the following:

  • Heath, healthy living and wellness – 33%
  • Health news, medical conditions and advice – 21%
  • Weight loss – 12%
  • List of blogs – 12%
  • Fitness – 3%
  • Parenting – 3%
  • Mental health – 3%
  • Health related articles – 4% (Rounding)
  • Health related forum – 3%
  • Other, non health related – 6%

Health Blog List

The Bupa competitions inspired us to not only add our favourite Australian health blogs, but also to see who was doing what and where. We have created our own top 20 Australian Health blogs based on design, freshness, number of posts and topic. Take it from whence it comes but we found interesting and unique content?useful?to our health goals in general on these blogs:

  4. – Not Australian, but an awesome blog
  8. (Blog aggregator)

There are some excellent health blogs here and we recommend checking out each one, diverse and interesting with great recipes and tips on all things health and wellness. You can enter the Bupa?health blogger competition here.


Ad Agency Awards

Posted: 10th March 2013 Marketing in Digital Assets
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The ad agency of the year was announced at a very fancy dinner on 28th February 2013. Sorry, yes we are running a tad late but hey we have been servicing our clients not winning awards…

The Monkeys got Adnews Agency of the year and a well deserved win. They were also the NSW and independent agencywinner. Well done guys.

View presentation highlights video.?here of the night from Adnews

NSW Agency of the Year
DDB Sydney
The Monkeys (won)
Leo Burnett Sydney
Whybin TBWA Group Sydney

Victorian Agency of the Year
GPY&R Melbourne
Naked Communications
Clemenger BBDO (won)

State Agency of the Year
Pusher Brisbane
GPY&R Brisbane (won)
BCM Partnership

Media Agency of the Year
Mindshare Sydney
Match Media
UM Sydney won)
MediaCom Sydney

Digital Agency of the Year
Visual Jazz Isobar (won)
GPY&R Melbourne
With Collective

Small Agency of the Year
BD Network
31st:Second (won)
Chieftain Communications
Houston Group

Independent Agency of the Year
The Hallway
Match Media
The Works
The Monkeys (won)

PR Agency of the Year
One Green Bean (won)
Res Publica
Mango PR

Digital Campaign of the Year
Defence Force Recruiting ‘Mobile Medic’ by GPY&R Melbourne
Bonds ‘The Birthday Project’ by Clemenger BBDO
Casella Wines ‘The Perfect Lager Project’ by AnalogFolk
Google ‘Build with Chrome’ by Mark (won)

Ad Campaign of the Year
Defence Force Recruiting ‘Mobile Medic’ by GPY&R Melbourne
Seek ‘Volunteer to Promote Volunteering’ by Leo Burnett Melbourne
St Vincent De Paul ‘Signed Finds’ by GPY&R Sydney
Metro Trains ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ by McCann Melbourne*

Ad of the Year
Carlton Draught ‘Beer Chase’ by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Metro Trains ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ by McCann Melbourne (won)

Details courtesy of Adnews. Congrats to the winners and better luck next time to all the other entrants, try hards and losers. See ya next year.


The world is your oyster and its free

Posted: 24th February 2013 Marketing in Facebook
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Anybody can publish, and its easy. we were looking at all things fashion recently and blown away by the number of fashion bits and pieces around the traps.?Of course?social media supports fashion fantastically as you can tweet, share, like all the images you can find, not to mention Pinterest. So why bother.

Clearly you need an interest n fashion. Take for example the fashion8r?on Facebook, reasonably new and recently created. Also on Twitter?here and ofcourse Instagram. No website, but he or she did have the wisdom to register the domain, which goes through to the Facebook page for now anyway. MAybe shows some future intent there.

Fashion8r Fashion

Fashion8r Fashion

So what has this fashionable person done? Taken a hobby and started to share. No cost, just putting their stuff , or we think its their stuff out there. Not selling anything, no pressure, for the love of it. What if this feed, and we chose this one because it is brand new becomes really famous and gets millions of followers? (There is only about a 0.00001% chance of this, but hey, live the fashion dream a little). Maybe they can monetise? Well maybe but getting to an audience is key, so no doubt if these person become famous and followed their dream, stayed pure and produced excellent content, a fashion house or a even Fashion Week would see value here and try to get this person to help reach their audience. Of maybe it is one of the above trying a new strategy?

Lesson 1 -You become a channel

To have value, you need to build an audience, this?takes?time, effort and?commitment, but you essentially own a channel to market and some?influence?to go along with that?

Lesson 2 – Do not abuse your audience!

So you have committed followers, who want more. You are not a threat,?they?share your values and style and?love?what you share. You?haven’t?tried to sell them anything or abuse the relationship. There is trust. So far so good. Just?don’t?abuse the trust. Reputations can take a lifetime to build and a couple of seconds to?destroy. We see this every day in the paper.

Lesson 3- Don’t panic

So from little things, big things grow. From a few followers and a hobby or a passion, potentially a large following grows. You stick with it and then insecurity comes in when you say to yourself “Why are they following me” I don’t know that much,?I’m?just a ….?” Well my dear that is the beauty of the Internet and one day we hope you will show who you are and let the world appreciate your efforts, cause we think you have style.

Never give up

Follow your dreams, cheesy we know but think and?believe?that?quality?and good products win every day. There are a million fashion outlets, bloggers, designers, shows?etc.?out there. Start with a small audience, given them what they love and if you have fun, so will they. Enjoy and be confident. You deliver the goods, you will do well.

So Fashion8r, glad we could use you as an example, but let us know they your YouTube channel, Pinterest and Google Plus are live and why not set up a Tumbler page as well. Go for it and good luck. And remember where you read about the fashion8r first!



Kids Activities

Posted: 15th February 2013 Marketing in Digital Assets, Internet Marketing
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This is an area where?competition?is growing and lots of mom and pop type sites rising from the ashes as they?always?do, some with a local play, some with a national play and a wide variety of capability, experience and quality.

Ultimately the kids activity winner will be the site with the best user experience and the best and most relevant sites. We have?always?thought that these larger directories will not go away given they have the ability to tag records and allow the user to split these records in multiple?different?ways, much like a car sales website does. The challenge Google has is that it is trying to do this with multiple data sources, types and structures which is a tough gig. So while Google can go so far a good quality directory will take you further, allow you to slide and dice down to age, location, cost and maybe even ratings and reviews.


Having said that, do you start with a number of listings or go with nothing and let people populate them? The problem is a directory with few listings is not useful to users and thus they will not come, means the listers?don’t?want to pay or bother to list, and the directory dies a slow death with the users and?owners?losing?interest. Many have come and gone and some relics still lie around uncared for, just go search on “kids activities” and browse a few?search?pages deep.

Having said that, get this right, build an audience and no doubt in a couple of years this will be an area up for purchase, as Kidspot managed with News a couple of years back. 45 million reasons to get this right, so to speak.

Who is out there

If you exclude the large directories like Yellowpages, Trulocal and Sensis for example, seemed to have the largest number of listings and the largest reach with a national database of over 50,000 listings and a real focus on the user. Looking for something like Cairns, they have a good page which is relevant, include things like touch football through to music and dancing. Even for a place like Morawa in WA or Binalong Bay, Tasmania?they have some listings or some close by so you do not hit empty or useless pages.?Ultimately?an impressive site and useful Australia wide.?Larger brands which are doing it well are Kimberly Clark with their Huggies Kids Activities area, a slightly different focus here being on things you can do, rather than paid activities, such as Stroller Toner, who would have thunk it!

Everyone wants to get to mums, mums have children, children have activities, so we thing Active Activities is the one to watch and if this sector continues to grow will be the front runner for a sale to a larger organisation who can place ads on the site. remember where you heard it first. Kidspot, Huggies, AU Gov sites will not go away and continue to invest and play in this space,?but?obviously not be up for sale.

Just so you can find these resources: Homepage

Huggies kids activities Home page

Kidspot Kids activities Home Page

AU.gow kids activities Homepage