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Posted: 22nd December 2011 ws in Research
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Well Australia we have our own happily healthy test for you to do, brought to you by those lovely people at Nestle. The survey is run by Galaxy research and ties happiness to health, which apparently has not been done before. So your health or happiness according to the site are linked and circular, i.e. happy drivers health and if you are healthy you will be happy etc etc.

You can try the test here, it takes about 20 minutes and covers a wide variety of questions. Your result can then be compared to your state, gender, family, age. income etc. Some interesting facts from the scores:

  • Tasmania seem to be the most unhappy state
  • Men are more stressed
  • Those married or in a de facto relationship are the unhealthy/ happy bunch
  • People earning less money scored lover than those earning a lot
  • Those with full time work are the most stressed and unhappy

Be interesting to watch where this goes and what they do with the data, as this would allow all sorts of opportunities. Being able to login and check your scores over time would be awesome. Oh, and where is the Facebook page? We scored 55 after doing the test. Not bad, and better than most of you. Sitting in a cafe and blogging, seems to be working for us.

Take the test here: HHQ Test



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