New ASICS Website

Posted: 26th March 2012 ws in Research
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If you are into running, the new ASICS website is actually quite awesome. From the perspective of someone who is planning to run anywhere from 10k to marathon. The site also takes into account  your profile, the training period required and then suggests a program.

Some of the folk in the office have been using the BUPA smartrunner app for this and found while the program suggested by the ASICS site was similar, it gave a lot more useful information and less disclaimers. Don’t get us wrong the BUPA app is still great and also useful on the mobile, given that it is an app. You can find it on iTunes here – Bupa smartrunner app.

On the ASICS site, the only issue is the manual input of data. I have a Garmin which automatically updates the Garmin Connect site and is really good, but does not have the planner. If this is to work, I fear ASICS will need to tie up with the likes of Garmin or Polar or both to allow the upload of data, but it still beats a spreadsheet.

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