Testing Cosmetics on Animals

Posted: 6th May 2013 Marketing in Research
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Testing cosmetics on animals is not cool!. Well done Choice for raising this issue of animal testing.

According to the Choice article and their spokes lady on 2GB today, animal testing of cosmetics is alive and well and mandatory or a legal requirement in China. Many brands selling cosmetics into Australia also sell into the growing and obviously lucrative Chinese market and thus must do animal testing to comply! Skin and eye irritation tests are the main, and these are done on animals and referred to as safety testing. Having said all that, what this means is applying the product to eye or bare skin and assessing damage or irritation.

What many of the companies seem to do is say “we do not animal test, unless required by law”, or something similar.

One one?hand?I would rather a product be tested on an animal before harming a child, but then according to the article there are other ways, which are even more effective ways of testing than using animals. So it really comes down to, do you want to be in the Chinese market and what price profits and revenue growth??(Some organisations it seems have made a choice not to enter the Chinese market as a result). Profits go back to corporate shareholders via dividends, who then no doubt use the cash in many cases to buy, you guessed it cosmetics, which they may then be wearing as they join protest marches.

All very messy and?I’m?sure a lot of unhappy cosmetic companies today as a result. If it brings an end to testing cosmetics on animals, then again, well done Choice….



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