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Posted: 26th August 2011 ws in SEO
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We had to go through the process of selecting a credit card recently. There is a lot going on out there is credit card land and search. There are a lot of affiliates out there trying to play in this space. Obviously ranks well, but we wonder for how long for the term. The site is not bad though even if the look and feel is a little dated. Very text heavy home page.

Next was creditcardcompare, the domain ensuring there is at least 1 comparison card in the mix, again an OK site with some interesting search options. Often wonder who is behind these and providing the data.


The as Google promisses the brands are there, so we find BankWest, Virginmoney, Citibank, Westpac and HSBC. Westpac being the only 1 of the “big 4” banks in the top 10 from what I can see anyway. Woulnt a good experience be to have more of these players in the result. Where are RateCity and InfoChoice, 2 of the bigger affiliate players. I suspect off chasing longer tail terms ratehr than just the head terms, nevertheless.


What about at a product level. Here we start to get a little more lucky. Westpac, American Express, Commonwealth Bank and the NAB all have a showing. On the Platinum card a more reasonable shoing again or Commonwealth Bank, MasterCard, American Express, even InfoChoice making their presence felt. I can see from search suggest that the Wesptac Low rate credit card seems to be a favourite along with the Commonwealth Bank Low Rate Credit card. NAb also got a look in but no ANZ. On the balance transfer front all we see is affiliates. No banks, assuming they do actually provide this service.

OK, how about rewards cards? Smae only affiliates and then MasterCard and Visa.


Lookiong at the back link profiles in this space there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Also a lot of direct match domains. Times they are a chinging.

Sure these are some missed opportunities? Must say however, I am thinking of changing cards now.




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