Choice Shonky Awards

Posted: 26th October 2010 ws in Campaigns, Social Media
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Choice Australia held their Shonky awards today and named some of the larger organisations and even household brands, brave people. All the Shonky Award winners are here. Being a Coles shopper myself and seeing the Curtis $10 meals I have to say I kinda knew that was Shonky anyway, and wondered if anyone would really fall for that, much like the Power Balance claims. Maybe it worked for some, maybe not.

I think the Medalist rope is a shocker and really is a safety issue. Hopefully Bunning’s pulls this dreadful product before someone gets hurt. As or Nurofen, but I can kinda see a marketing department saying, hey lets differentiate a standard product and make more money. I guess not too many people will be visiting the site any more either.

Well done to Choice, alwasy good that there is someone out there watching out for consumers and calling the big brands as they see it. Viva Choice, the peoples watchdog, Viva…

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