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Posted: 17th May 2010 ws in Social Media
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We have ben watching this little site take on the more established players. very clever use of social media.

You can see they have their main hearing test website here. The they have set up their hearing blog here, not sure if it is linked to from the main page as yet, but Im sure once a couple of things are ironed out, it will be. They have also set up a company page on Facebook, note no profile attached but I assume to facilitate hearing related discussion threads, as where else are people going to complain about their parent who cannot hear them. Will be interesting to see if this develops further. We could not find any Youtube videos attributed to Free Hearing Test, but assume that its a matter of time. They also have a cleverly linked Twitter account on hearing centres, which is what they help people do, find Australian Hearing Centres. This is well designed and punchy, will be interesting to see if there is demand for a feed and news on hearing tests and related.

Last but not least there is a Free Hearing Test Squidoo page, also nicely set up with useful information, feed and videos, also socialising their new, we assume soon to be anounced blog.

Could not find any others, but Im sure whatch this space for more social from

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