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Anybody have any idea what is about. So it is an ad, hopefully better than the Blackberry Bold for business attempt. Where is that campaign now? We would link to it but cannot recall the domain and a search on Be Bold just shows up the main website.

Anyway, back to The Gripple Effect, you’ve been warned! The “Who is” shows the registrant as J Walter Thompson but nothing else, no links no nothing. What could the gripple effect be we ask. Could this be an ad for a tyre or a new shoe. Sounds like a thong, but unlikely given it is winter. We are thinking gripple = grip = tread?

Some lucky people have been grippled already, just ask Mary, John, Winston and Doris. Really? So it is also a verb and an adjective. I’ve been grippled? Im enjoying grippling.

The Gripple is an Ad?

Yes, but for what. Which company is behind the gripple. Anyone know any of the folk over at JWT?

Gripple is also a company that provides joiners and tensioners. Officially a gripple is a device used to join and tension wire. We are thinking that this industrial company is not involved. But maybe this is something to help you with stress, tension or joining into something. Pretty thin we say.

So tension, tread related? Here are some of our ideas:

  • Maybe a conveyor belt to bring you your VB on a Saturday afternoon?
  • New shoe with a special tread for urban yuppies, maybe from North Face?
  • New training pants which also reduce¬†cellulite¬†through the gripples around the bum, as you walk? That would be neat. Hello Nike!
  • New free hug campaign to build peace and goodwill. Give your neighbour a gripple. Just not in front of his wife?
  • Small irritating green people who steal and break your stuff while you are sleeping. Off shoot of gremlins? Maybe a movie?
  • New car tyre which will give you the freedom of the open road, when they know you only drive to work and back? Michelin?
Hold on, seems like Mary, John, Winston and Doris found this personal, something they enjoyed doing?
  • We have it. New iPhone or iPad app called, you guessed it. The Gripple Effect, and the page says you can spread it, which implies technology.
  • If you were in Melbourne trying to hold a drink a cup of coffee when the earthquake hit, you may have had a gripple effect, being cross between dribble and gripping and the resulting spillage. But then the abovementioned would not have enjoyed it, right?

Anyway, interesting concept, interesting campaign.

So we will wait

So until the 1st July, get your tax planning done, get your last sales in place and think about what a gripple is and whether this will really change you life or just be underwhelming, again. Until then, get grippled, eat a gripple, whateva!


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