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New Durex Ads

Posted: 29th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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New Durex ad for the Discover Adult Toy Range, trying to make them an everyday part of your sex life. From a trusted brand every father with teenage daughters hates, now finding a place ion your bedroom. Interesting angle. You be the judge.

Resolution Media SEO Training

Posted: 11th November 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Resolution Media who used to be Bruce Clay until July last year are running SEO training in Sydney and Melbourne. As SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has gotten broader, so has the training and this training covers copy writing for the web and insights, conversion tactics and some social and local search. A lot in 1 […]

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How many times you do you see significant dollars going to above the line media and some throw away funds put into digital and mostly display or paid search. Why because the mentality is that we should pay for media and ofcourse there is a large industry and infrastructure out there perpetuating this. Paid and […]

Huggies – Hugs for Healing

Posted: 25th March 2013 Marketing in Campaigns
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Huggies has released their Hugs for Healing campaign today and donated $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Australia which represents 5 of Australia’s major children’s hospitals. Well done, a great cause and ofcourse very close to the pregnancy and baby focus?of The donation will go toward funding medical equipment to sick babies and toddlers. […]

This is seriously gross

Posted: 24th July 2012 ws in Campaigns
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Naked has put up the new campaign for Oxy. Man sized pimples. This is not for the faint hearted and seriously gross. No one in the office has ever haqd a piple this large, these are more like boils and if you do you have issues that we think you might need more than Oxy […]

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Just so you dont die wondering, the gripples page is updated. Doesn’t tell us what they are but there is more info. Interesting. Anyone worried or care? Lets see how this unfolds, not seeing too much other advertising at the moment. lets see what the week brings? The video we have to say are entertaining, […]

Hillarious Video

Posted: 29th June 2012 ws in Digital Assets
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Another national treasure, oh and good luck to all our fine athletes heading off to London…   VIDEO: ‘Prime Minister’ Gillard presents James Magnussen with luck…

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Anybody have any idea what is about. So it is an ad, hopefully better than the Blackberry Bold for business attempt. Where is that campaign now? We would link to it but cannot recall the domain and a search on Be Bold just shows up the main website. Anyway, back to The Gripple Effect, you’ve […]

The power of creativity

Posted: 12th April 2011 ws in Internet Marketing
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Brilliant all round…. Excellent creation of an ad to sell a product in the same medium , same product but with creativity in the process. Well done.

Big Ben Ashes

Posted: 30th October 2010 ws in Campaigns
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So Ricky thought it was a good idea to send a message to the Poms, threatening to take their beloved Urn on one of the biggest icons in the UK. Oops, didn’t get permission, but we will pay the fine of GBP2,500  with pleasure. I would say they’ve opened a can of worms for this type of marketing in the UK, […]