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The world is your oyster and its free

Posted: 24th February 2013 Marketing in Facebook
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Anybody can publish, and its easy. we were looking at all things fashion recently and blown away by the number of fashion bits and pieces around the traps.?Of course?social media supports fashion fantastically as you can tweet, share, like all the images you can find, not to mention Pinterest. So why bother. Clearly you need […]

Social Media Experts

Posted: 20th February 2011 ws in Social Media
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Watch this and think about your pitch. BTW excuse the language in advance…

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The new Kleenex mums website is now live, a site sharing the collective wisdom or so they claim of Australian Mums. Interesting social take on engaging mums with some SEO and other smart tactics thrown in. We know mummy bloggers have been going from strength to strength, lets see how they like the new Kleenexmums […]

Social media Strategies

Posted: 4th September 2010 ws in Internet Marketing
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For all those social media wankers this site is for you : For those of you who belive social media is the most important part of your online strategy, even though it drives very little traffic, it is really about the conversation and branding, “you go girl”. Now, back to Twitter…..

Facebook search

Posted: 4th September 2010 ws in SEO, Social Media
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Facebook as we predicted have beefed up their search using Likes. Read more on Mashable. This we reckon is the first strike and depending on how successful this is may well be rolled into a separate search. Wow, big development. Watch out all you spammers. The link axe is going to come down and hit […]