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New Durex Ads

Posted: 29th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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New Durex ad for the Discover Adult Toy Range, trying to make them an everyday part of your sex life. From a trusted brand every father with teenage daughters hates, now finding a place ion your bedroom. Interesting angle. You be the judge.

Keep the Heart Beating

Posted: 8th June 2015 Marketing in Campaigns
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How could you not. The second biggest issue Australians are concerned about is the environment, global warming and above all whether corporations are genuinely trying to make a difference or just hitching a ride on the bandwagon. Kimberly Clark (KC) is one such organisation genuinely trying to make change and not just for the sake […]

Health4you launches in Australia

Posted: 13th January 2015 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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So we have a new health, fitness & wellness directory/ community/ way to connect with health providers or whatever you call these things these days. And yes, I know the owner and am throwing them a bone on launch, full disclosure. But, if you look around there are not a lot of quality dedicated, directory […]

Resolution Media SEO Training

Posted: 11th November 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Resolution Media who used to be Bruce Clay until July last year are running SEO training in Sydney and Melbourne. As SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has gotten broader, so has the training and this training covers copy writing for the web and insights, conversion tactics and some social and local search. A lot in 1 […]

New niche aggregators

Posted: 6th September 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing
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Anyone notice the new aggregator niche directory sites growing in prevalence. So There is Yellow Pages, TruLocal which are the big guys, but cn you beat a niche directory focussed around a specific topic and servicing that target market. For example, can the Yellow Pages really look after your plumbing as well as your Kids […]

The Happiest Man in Search

Posted: 19th June 2014 Marketing in Internet Marketing, SEO
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Yes folks, believe it or not there is such a thing. Search marketing and a happy man. We have found the happiest guy in SEM in Australia, in fact of all places in Melbourne. His name is Aaron and he is, well happy. When asked what makes him happy he replied that search is such […]

Toilet Training Time Again

Posted: 20th January 2014 Marketing in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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Yes folks, those friendly people at Kimberley Clark, the home of Huggies nappies have just released their new campaign around toilet training and not only that, there is a School of Toilet Training, who would have thunk. Seems more and more folk are actually looking for puppy toilet training, who knows what the similarities are. […]

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How many times you do you see significant dollars going to above the line media and some throw away funds put into digital and mostly display or paid search. Why because the mentality is that we should pay for media and ofcourse there is a large industry and infrastructure out there perpetuating this. Paid and […]

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ActiveActivities, one of the largest providers of kids activities in Australia has now launched in New Zealand. ActiveActivities has been helping mums, dads, carers and grandparents find kids activities in their area as well as well as the giving the providers of these activities a platform to showcase what they do and where they are […]

Huggies – Hugs for Healing

Posted: 25th March 2013 Marketing in Campaigns
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Huggies has released their Hugs for Healing campaign today and donated $100,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Australia which represents 5 of Australia’s major children’s hospitals. Well done, a great cause and ofcourse very close to the pregnancy and baby focus?of The donation will go toward funding medical equipment to sick babies and toddlers. […]