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How many times you do you see significant dollars going to above the line media and some throw away funds put into digital and mostly display or paid search. Why because the mentality is that we should pay for media and ofcourse there is a large industry and infrastructure out there perpetuating this. Paid and […]

The world is your oyster and its free

Posted: 24th February 2013 Marketing in Facebook
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Anybody can publish, and its easy. we were looking at all things fashion recently and blown away by the number of fashion bits and pieces around the traps.?Of course?social media supports fashion fantastically as you can tweet, share, like all the images you can find, not to mention Pinterest. So why bother. Clearly you need […]


Posted: 17th July 2012 ws in Campaigns, Internet Marketing
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So the good folks at Kimberly Clark are at it again. Now that we know what Gripples are, you can read more below, the next on the list is FOMO.  Heard of it? Although FOMO is not really a secret it is a new concept and seen as my teenage daughter used the word with me […]

SEO Training in Sydney

Posted: 20th March 2012 ws in SEO
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If you are into SEO then Bruce Clay is having their 3 day annual SEO training in Sydney from the 7th- 9th May 2012. The course will be delivered by, you guessed it, Bruce Clay and will cover all things SEO from start to finish, including YouTube and some social media. You also get access to the […]

Social media Strategies

Posted: 4th September 2010 ws in Internet Marketing
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For all those social media wankers this site is for you : For those of you who belive social media is the most important part of your online strategy, even though it drives very little traffic, it is really about the conversation and branding, “you go girl”. Now, back to Twitter…..

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Nice shiny new Twitter and Youtube pages from the folks at Choice. They have been working the social media space for awhile and have finally got the backgrounds and set up sorted. Keep up the good work. Check out the Choice Twitter page. Check ou the Choice YoutTube Channel. For those of you who don’t […]