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Anybody have any idea what is about. So it is an ad, hopefully better than the Blackberry Bold for business attempt. Where is that campaign now? We would link to it but cannot recall the domain and a search on Be Bold just shows up the main website. Anyway, back to The Gripple Effect, you’ve […]

Social media Strategies

Posted: 4th September 2010 ws in Internet Marketing
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For all those social media wankers this site is for you : For those of you who belive social media is the most important part of your online strategy, even though it drives very little traffic, it is really about the conversation and branding, “you go girl”. Now, back to Twitter…..

Social Strategies

Posted: 17th May 2010 ws in Social Media
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We have ben watching this little site take on the more established players. very clever use of social media. You can see they have their main hearing test website here. The they have set up their hearing blog here, not sure if it is linked to from the main page as yet, but Im sure […]